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The film will screen at Emerson College with a Q&A to follow by Danny Ledonne, discussing the First Amendment and academic freedom.


The film screened at Adams State University and Danny Ledonne holds a Q&A about "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" and on being banned from the university campus.




The film is now available on YouTube! - check it out!


The film is now available on Netflix Streaming! One reviewer wrote:

"Some dude made a simple and crude role playing game about the Columbine massacre. That sounds pretty disturbing, doesn't it? But this documentary is AMAZING. As this guy explains his reasons for doing this, the movie takes you through all of the controversy that followed and it touches on so many subjects: from freedom of expression, to censorship, and understanding video games as a new medium that can be used to educate and share a message in the same way as movies or books can. This film is a real eye-opener. Don't just watch it, but also share it with the teenagers in your life." -dzz 348313


"Playing Columbine" is now available on iTunes!

Germany's GameStar publishes a review of the film and interview with the director. Google Translator does a decent job for English audience.

"Playing Columbine" is now available via Amazon Instant Video!


"Playing Columbine" has its first online version for XBox Live / Zune!

Amazon, Netflix, CinemaNow, and iTunes coming soon!


The film gets a huge boost in Germany thanks to an enthusiastic review by MTV GameOne. If you'd like to read it in English, try Google Chrome's auto-translation function for decent results. Here is an excerpt:

"Playing Columbine" has touched me like few films lately. I've played since I was eight, for over 20 years. Parents, teachers and friends have laughed at me or had pity on me that my favorite hobby is taking place in front of a screen. I constantly had to justify that as a grown man who now plays all night to save the virtual world. I'm so tired of explaining over and over again why games are an equally valuable art form such as films, literature or music. And I thank Danny Ledonne from the bottom of my heart that he made this film. "Playing Columbine" has left me excited, euphoric, angry and helpless - but most of all: full of pride. I was and am proud to be a gamer. And I'm proud that we have this movie.

The film will be available through iTunes, Amazon, and other video-on-demand services beginning on April 20th, 2011. Details to follow...

Festivals, festivals festivals! The film will screen at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. It will also screen at Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita, KS. Finally, it is slated to screen at Icon Israeli International Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel!
The film will screen at Boston Underground Film Festival on March 28th & 30th.
The film will screen at Noir Fest in Rome, Italy December 7-13th, 2009.
The film will screen at Raindance 2009 in London, UK between September 30th and October 11th, 2009.

The film will screen at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec on July 18th and 19th, 2009. Three of the film's interviewees, Jason Della Rocca, Melissa Fuller, and Joel K. will introduce the film!

The film will screen at Los Angeles United Film Festival May 4th, 2009.
The film will screen at ONFilm Festival in Norfolk, VA on March 25-28th, 2009.


The film will screen at the Philadelphia Film Festival in March/April 2009.

Check out an interview with the director at AFI Fest 2008 in Los Angeles:



The film will screen at the Oxford Film Festival in February 2009.

A review of the film by Mark Fulton in Film Threat reads in part:

The documentary is very engaging and thought provoking ... Ledonne is a talented filmmaker, and I’m curious to see him tackle subjects not as personally close. "Playing Columbine" is an asset to the ongoing dialogue on protected speech and questions of art in the 21st century.


Having premiered at AFI Fest, the film will be screening in Denver and includes a panel discussion featuring Danny Ledonne, film critic Bob Denerstein and Kotaku's Brian Crecente.

A screening at the Santa Fe Film Festival is also scheduled.

A review of the film in Variety notes:

The ongoing debate over representations of violence in videogames is the immediate focus of "Playing Columbine," Danny Ledonne's gripping, troublemaking docu about the reaction to his videogame re-creation of the Columbine High School massacre. But the film goes much further, ultimately tying questions of propriety and censorship into a larger discussion of the development of videogames as a form of expressive art. While it raises far more questions that it can answer, pic serves as an impressively nuanced call for games to be taken more seriously, and it could find a healthy fest and homevideo reception from the gaming community and beyond.

The film will screen at the Artfutura 2008 multimedia conference in Barcelona, Spain between October 23rd and October 26th.

The film will screen at the Bradford Animation Festival in West Yorkshire, UK on Friday, November 14th.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Screen Yorkshire's Head of Industry Development, Emma Cheshire. Emma will be joined by director Danny Ledonne (live over video chat), Ian Bowden from Rockstar games and Bill Lawrence, Creative Director of Sheffield Showroom Cinemas.


The film screened at University of Texas at Dallas with a Q&A with the director afterwards. David Parry, Assistant Professor of Emerging Media, said this of the event:

"The film and subsequent Q&A we scheduled with the director was one of the most well received events we have hosted for our Arts and Technology students. If you have students working in digital media - particularly digital games, make them see this film; it will change the way they think about game design. Forget just designing games for fun - this film makes the case that video games can do so much more!"


"These games really push our buttons" MSNBC's Winda Benedetti

MSNBC has written an article that surveys the social impact of controversial games. "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" as well as "Playing Columbine" are mentioned throughout.


The film has been selected to screen at the Starz Denver Film Festival in Denver, CO. - November 2008.

Additionally, a review of the film is now available on the Documentary Channel's website.


The film has been selected to premiere at AFI FEST in Los Angeles, CA. - November 2008. The screenings will be held during the evening of Friday, November 7th and in the afternoon on Saturday, November 8th.


A limited edition DVD is now available for purchase while the film is screened at film festivals. Check back here as these festival screenings are announced.

Additionally, tonight Danny Ledonne is scheduled to appear on Free Talk Live radio to promote the film. Joining him during the show will be attorney and activist Jack Thompson, one of the interviewees from the film. Ledonne and Thompson have previously appeared separately on the show; Thompson was also the first FTL guest to hang up on the hosts. The upcoming program can be streamed at and the archive will be available online as a free .mp3 download after the show.

UPDATE: The .mp3 of the show can be downloaded here or here.


Check out a preview of the DVD special features:


All of the special features for the DVD are complete! View the DVD jacket here. The film will be heading to the festival circuit soon.

One of the special bonus features on the DVD is the music video "The Declination of Independence" - featured in the end credits of the film itself. Check it out here:

The documentary will be screened at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY on April 13th with the director to hold a Q&A via webcam after the show.


The film's score and professional sound mix are nearly complete!

The film's IMDb page is up!

A cut of the film is going to be screened in Massachusetts at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Friday, January 18th at 7pm.

BBC Collective posts a review of the film and related issues after the screening at GameCity 2007. Read it here.


A fine cut of the film was screened for IGDA members and the general public as part of Montreal Independent Games Summit.

Director Danny Ledonne spoke to audiences the following day about his intentions for 'Super Columbine Massacre RPG!' as well as the upcoming film itself.

Melissa Fuller and Joel K., two of the film's stars, met for the first time at the Montreal premiere. In the film, they share their stories of coping with the 2006 shooting at Dawson College.


The Montreal Mirror published an article about the upcoming MIGS screening of the film.


The UK monthly videogame news magazine, Games (tm), publishes an interview with the director and Dawson shooting survivor Joel K. Download the .pdf here.


A fine cut of the film was screened at GameCity 2007 in Nottingham, England.


In memory of the one year anniversary of the shooting at Dawson College, filmmaker Danny Ledonne and shooting survivor Joel K. have teamed up to showcase a rough edit from the film about the reasons for these shootings. Check it out here:


The official poster for the film has been released to the press. Check it out here.


There will be a first look screening of the fine cut in the UK at Gamecity! The screening is slated for Friday, 10.26.2007 at 17:30 GMT. The director is scheduled for a Q&A after the screening, as well. This will be a good opportunity for feedback on further editing.
The Guardian has published an article on the forthcoming release.

The official trailer has been uploaded to the mainpage as well as to Google and YouTube. A rough edit of the film is now in progress.


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